Born: april 10, 1952 - 9:14 A. M. - Long Beach, California
Reverend Cummins was born and raised in Southern California, attending a
traditional church through High School. Her interest in understanding other
spiritual paths let to studies in the metaphysical disciplines and martial arts.
She developed her skills and abilities for psychic readings, meditation and
healing while attending classes with Reverend Barbara Strauss. She also
spent several years in San Diego with a metaphysical fellowship, refining
her concentration and meditation skills. At that time she also saw clients for
psychic and tarot readings. Rev. Cummins was ordained as a minister in
1996, by Rev. Strauss, the president of the Metaphysical Fellowship of

Since then, Rev. Cummins has continued to concentrate on her efforts in
tarot and psychic readings. She has read for local as well as long distance
clients. Rev. Cummins is known for her ability to mentor others in their
search for meaning in life. She has the gift of assisting others in evaluating
which steps and methodologies work best for each individual's current need,
whether personally or professionally.

While living on the Central Coast, Rev. Cummins started a lecture series on
the tarot, including history of, use of and the concepts of symbology and
intuition associated with reading the tarot for self or others. She also
continues to participate in healing circles and is co-director of the Women's
Healing Network.

Rev. Cummins feels strongly that each person has a unique spiritual path to
follow. That we are here to learn to give and receive love/compassion. And
that love/compassion is ideally expressed in her service to others and her
dedication to the Father/Mother God. You will often hear her speak of one's
"highest and best good" and encourages her students "to make choices
which satisfy our deepest spiritual needs" and being willing to look at
"objectively" observe the self.

Rev. Cummins currently resides in the Seattle area.

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