The process by which the desire to connect with the Divine Mind/God is
made possible through relaxation and concentration (effortless effort)
achieving stillness of the mind/body/emotions.


Numerology, as well as Astrology and the tree of life, represent the energies
and balance of our life and the universe. As above, so below. It has long
been understood that 'Life' and the energies of which it is composed could
be broken down into numbers/light/music. Numerology is considered a way
to know about a person. It is considered an authentic and accurate science.
Astrology, as well as the tree of life, blends and adds a dimension to
Numerology by comparing a number with an astrological sign and/or
sephirot. This additional knowledge assists the numerologist in illustrating
and explaining the significance of numbers in our lives and their


Tarot is an ancient card/deck system of reading symbols and unconscious
messages through intuition and psychic perceptions.
This system has also been linked to the Cabala, Hermetic magic,
numerology, astrology and “Gypsies” -(Egyptians).
The modern Tarot deck is a compilation of all these philosophies and
include historical and symbolic influences from Hinduism, Buddhism,
Christianity, Judaism, Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Goddess culture.

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