A reading with Rev. Cummins is an opportunity to explore your right
relationship with self and the divine. The Tarot/Psychic reading with Rev.
Cummins will confirm the connection of you to your subconscious mind,
spirit teachers and guides, along with the divine -universal intelligence, as
well as her intuitional and psychic impressions. Your reading with Rev.
Cummins is considered confidential and private. You are encouraged to
bring a 90 min. blank cassette tape, to tape the consultation. Taping is
recommended, so that you may review the information as a reference in
the future. You may be asked for the date of birth in relation to selecting a
significator card, however, it is not required. Long distance readings will
include a tape.


Questions should pertain to the areas of your life such as health, family,
career, relationships and spiritual paths.

Please formulate the questions in an open ended fashion. Try to avoid yes
or no questions.

What lesson in my life is most important for my growth?

What do I need to work on in my current relationship?

What can I do to develop my psychic abilities?

What can I do to improve my job/career?

What type of meditation is best for me at this time?

How is my health? How can I improve it?

What stone or crystal is best for me to use?

Do I have a past life influencing me at this time?

What can I do for my highest and best good?

How can I help others?

To obtain a reading with Rev. Cummins please send an email
with your Name, Phone and Address to: SUN-MOON
To contact us email: SUN-MOON